Slide Evaluation & Recommendation Program

Most sales organizations face challenges when it comes to designing slide presentations that truly captivates audiences. And the not so subtle science of content visualization techniques is even less understood and almost never measured. That is why Predictive Presentation Technologies™ developed DeckChek™.

DeckChek™ utilizes the latest technologies to rapidly evaluate a broad spectrum of key presentation measurement factors of your existing presentation slide decks.

Employing both internal and external research, PPT has identified the Essential Slide Parameters (ESPs) that result in maximum message comprehension, impact and retention. Equally important, PPT has also identified key factors which detract or negate clear messaging.

DeckChek™ produces a detailed evaluation report including corrective measurements in such key areas as content pattern usage, use of font patterns, content layout, graphics usage, media utilization, and many more.

DeckChek™ evaluations are available through both the Jump Start Package and Predictive Presentation Technologies™ Consulting Services.

DeckChek Analysis Report