Patent-Pending Content Delivery

Predictive Presentation Technologies offers a patent pending content delivery technology that allows presenters to deliver just the right content at just the right time. Using modules of related content, the presenter can rapidly adjust when and what they show without being hampered by a rigid linear slideshow. All the Content Modules are designed to interconnect perfectly giving the ability to create (and save) highly customized presentations without having to ask corporate for permission to change the order – or content – of a presentation. All content used in the Content Modules is approved by the company and cannot be altered in any way. New or edited existing content is quickly updated globally.

Your bottom line will improve in a variety of ways using Predictive Presentation Technologies including:

  • No more time wasted by your sales people looking for content or editing their existing presentations.
  • No more time wasted by your marketing department making yet another ‘customized’ presentation.
  • Your brand value stays pure even when your salespeople are creating customer-specific customized presentations.