RapidPitch™ FAQ’s

How is RapidPitch™ different from other presentation platforms?

RapidPitch™ is a non-linear, dynamic presentation platform that allows the professional presenter to navigate around and through their sales content in any direction they desire – usually what their audience asks for – without interrupting the flow of the performance of their presentation.

Why does RapidPitch™ work so effectively?

The RapidPitch™ technology capitalizes on the way people now consume information – in chunks and rapidly deciding what is relevant to them – or not. If the content being presented is not relevant, the audiences attention will be lost and they will turn to their internet devices and check to email or another distraction which effectively ends your sales presentation.

How does the RapidPitch™ technology work?

The RapidPitch™ technology uses non-linear content navigation meaning the presenter can quickly adjust their presentation to the interests of the audiences. The technology allows the presenter to combine only brand approved and locked content in any configuration they need to advance the sale.

What is a non-linear, dynamic presentation?

RapidPitch™ allows the presenter to move through sales presentation content in any direction without losing the flow of the performance. This is critical in keeping the audience interested as the presenter can show only the content the audience is interested in and/or find content the audience asks for but hadn’t been included in the presentation.

We have way too many PowerPoint files. Is it easy to convert from them to RapidPitch™?

Existing PowerPoint presentations can easily be converted into the RapidPitch™ format. A PowerPoint auto-conversion feature is available directly within PowerPoint.

Can existing PowerPoint presentations be used with RapidPitch™?

Existing PowerPoint presentations can easily be converted into the RapidPitch™ format. A PowerPoint auto-conversion feature is available directly within PowerPoint.

Does RapidPitch™ allow for any presenter input?

Yes, RapidPitch™ allows the presenter to customize an introduction page, an agenda page, and a summary page.

The presenter can also change the font style, size, and color to better improve their presentations.

Can the content presented be changed by anyone?

The RapidPitch™ technology locks the presentation content from editing insuring the brand investment of a company is protected. The content creators have complete control over all content to make sure that all presentations are giving the same messages, every time. However, the presenter has the ability to customize a title screen, and agenda, and a summary page if they want to.

Why can’t a presentation be edited the same way that PowerPoint allows?

The inability for sales to edit sales presentation content in any manner they wish is our most powerful feature. Rather than have sales people waste valuable selling time trying to customize their presentations to fit their individual prospects immediate needs, the RapidPitch™ system gives them the ability to combine pre-created modules of content in any order they wish, thus giving customization but with only approved, branded content.

How is RapidPitch™ purchased?

RapidPitch™ is a subscription-based application. Seat licenses are available for a single user all the way up to Enterprise level licensing. The minimum subscription term period is 1 year.

How much does RapidPitch™ cost?

We keep pricing simple – $1.50 per day per user. 1 year minimum commitment.

Can the content stored in the RapidPitch™ database be used with any other presentation software?

The simple answer is no but for a reason. The technology RapidPitch™ is a closed system by design which allows for the protection of branded content as well as monitoring, analyzing, and reporting very specific and detailed information about every presentation given. The RapidPitch™ process is unique and is patent-pending.

How long does it take to convert content into the RapidPitch™ system?

If the content to be converted is a PowerPoint file, it takes only minutes. Other content needs formatting to the RapidPitch™ requirements, but this does not take long either.

What types of files does RapidPitch™ use?

The RapidPitch™ technology uses four specific content types: Slide images, videos, PDF documents, and URL addresses. Research has shown these four content types are the most effective when combined and used in sales presentations.

Can RapidPitch™ be used online?

Yes. However, RapidPitch™ is designed primarily for the professional sales person that makes in-person, face-to-face presentations.

What if I subscribe to RapidPitch™ but decide I don’t want to use it after a while. What happens then?

If you should decide to stop using the RapidPitch™ system for any reason, your subscription will end at the end of your subscription period. All of your content will be returned to you and will be deleted from our system.

What if we want to host the RapidPitch™ application on our internal servers?

RapidPitch™ uses an isolated and highly-secure technology environment that meets rigorous privacy and compliance standards that test for data safety, privacy, and security. However, contact Predictive Presentations Technologies for more information about our customized internal server installations.