Are You Pitching or Just Presenting?

If used correctly, a concise, focused ‘pitch’ can be highly effective in today’s selling environment.

The words ‘sales pitch’ have gained an unfair reputation due to their use in some specific industries. Don’t think of a pitch as something a used car salesperson would use, think of the high-powered executive quickly detailing a powerful story to a movie studio in Hollywood.

A pitch like that is extremely concise, paints an incredibly powerful picture, and invokes an emotional response as well as immediate understanding and feedback – all essential elements in a successful sales presentation.

Think how much more effective your selling efforts would be if you could know exactly what your audience was interested in, and then could perfectly align your solution set to those specific needs right before you started your pitch?

Quickly gauging your audience’s reactions to the succinct ideas you are conveying is essential in knowing when to pivot your content, and what content to pivot to, in order to keep their attention and ultimately their decision to buy.

Unfortunately many companies still rely on long, linear slide shows that don’t get to the point as fast as the audience wants. The sales person making a pitch must be fast and agile and have the ability to call up whatever content is needed to get the audience’s buy-in without hesitation.

Learning how to pitch correctly will dramatically improve your sales results.

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