What is a Perfect Presentation?

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The perfect presentation occurs when four specific elements are brought together at the same time – delivering only the correct information in the most compelling manner, in the most time efficient way, to the correct audience.

The internet has trained us to digest information in logical chunks and to make rapid decisions on the relevance of the information we are viewing. This effect is magnified in the presentation environment as the ultimate distraction – the internet on the cell phone – is now omnipresent. Start showing content the audience has no use for, and their attention – the most valuable commodity in any presentation – will be lost and your meeting will effectively be over.

Let’s analyze each component and see how they impact every presentation.

The Correct Information – In this case the correct information is only that information the audience deems relevant to their needs. The current level of technology distractors (cell phones connected to the internet) will grab their attention if irrelevant information is presented especially if given in a linear slide format.

Delivered in the Most Compelling Manner –The way in which information is presented will dramatically affect the results of any presentation. To maximize retention, presentations have to be edited to their essential components (imagery and text) and presented in a manner that grabs and holds the audience’s attention through the presentation. And just as people have been trained by the internet to rapidly digest chunks of information and make rapid relevance decisions, your presented information needs to be logically grouped, easily displayed and quickly navigated.

In the Most Time Efficient Way – Respecting their time by showing only the correct content and delivering it in the most compelling manner is as important as the other elements of the Perfect Presentation. No matter if you were invited to present or not, your presentation is an interruption in the daily information streams of your audience. The more senior level people you have, the stronger those streams are – and they tend to build up quickly. They will appreciate your ability to deliver your messages quickly and accurately.

To the Correct Audience – Having the right people in your audience is the final element that needs to be in place in order to deliver the Perfect Presentation. Giving the correct information, delivered in the most compelling manner, in the most time efficient way to the wrong audience will not realize the Perfect Presentation.

Bringing these four presentation elements together simultaneously will insure you are delivering the prefect presentation for your product or service.

Predictive Presentation Technologies is the parent company of RapidPitch. A patent-pending content module presentation platform that allows presenters to deliver only the content the audience cares about in the most compelling manner possible!

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